Sailing Information

All the best for 2017, we are looking forward to an exciting season with Mousa Boat. Sailing starts on 1st of April.


The Mousa Boat - Leaflet

Click here to download our PDF guide to the essential Shetland experience.


Daytime Island Trip

The journey begins at the historic Sandsayre pier, where the old boatshed, complete with a former ‘flit’ boat, has been developed into a fascinating interpretive centre to provide an insight into the life and times of the local area. Sail over to Mousa for a fascinating and memorable trip on the island - most famously the Mousa Broch, but the island is a RSPB Nature Reserve and home to many breeding wildlife, colonies of seals and birds - there is so much to see and do on Mousa Island. 

This trip operates daily (except Saturday) from April to mid-September and booking is not required for the daily Mousa Island Trip

Please don’t leave your trip to the last day of your visit to Shetland though, as all sailings are weather dependant. You can check your sailing is operating two hours before departure by checking the Sailing Information Update on this website. All sailings depart from Sandsayre pier, Sandwick unless otherwise advised.

Timetable and Fares

Daytime Sailing timetable To Island of Mousa
Operates from April to mid-September + Charters Available
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Depart 11:30hrs  Return 14:30hours
Thursday, Friday Depart 11:30hrs Return 14:30hours
Sunday Depart 13:30hrs Return 16:30hours
Saturday No Scheduled Sailing however Charters Available. 
Daytime Sailing fares
Adult  £16.00
Children (5-16 years)  £7.00

Payment is made in Sandwick before departure to Mousa. Please note we are sorry but we don’t take card payments.

Other Trips

Besides the scheduled day-time crossing and Storm Petrel dusk trips, we operate short cruises and Trips to Noss as well as Whale watching during the summer months around the local waters. These trips, give the visitor an opportunity to experience the nature and history of the area, as well as splendid views of the Shetland landscape and wildlife. A cruise may be of interest to less able visitors as well as those who simply want to enjoy a relaxing and informative excursion. For announcement of the cruises please check our Sailing Information Updates.