Shetland's essential boat trip
We are looking forward to the 2020 season. If you have any booking queries, please email or phone us and we'll be happy to help.

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One of Shetland’s most spectacular sights is the return in late evening of hundreds of small storm petrel birds after a day feeding out at sea. The northern latitude means it never really gets dark in early summer (known as the “Simmer Dim”) and the birds use this half-light to evade predators on their return to nest in the Mousa Broch and the nearby beach and field walls.

We run our very popular and acclaimed guided walks to Mousa Broch at dusk to observe this display from late May to mid-July on Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays (duration 2-2 1/2 hours) for which booking is required.

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The short fifteen minute crossing departs from Sandsayre pier, Sandwick unless otherwise advised, and all sailings are weather dependant. Please check your sailing is operating ....

Additional trips made if demand is high. Please enquire if you are unable to book preferred date.

Timetable and Fares 2020

Storm Petrel Sailing timetable 2020 Season
Operates from late May to mid-July on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
MayDepart 22:30hrsSat 16th, Wed 20th, Sat 23rd, Mon 25th, Wed 27th, Sat 30th.
JuneDepart 22:30hrsMon 1st, Wed 3rd, Sat 6th, Mon 8th, Wed 10th, Sat 13th, Mon 15th, Wed 17th, Sat 20th, Mon 22nd, Wed 24th, Sat 27th, Mon 29th.
JulyDepart 22:30hrsWed 1st, Sat 4th, Mon 6th, Wed 8th, Sat 11th, Mon 13th, Wed 15th, Sat 18th
Dusk Sailing fares
Children (5-16 years)£10.00

Booking is required for this trip

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Payment is made in Sandwick before departure to Mousa. Please note we are sorry but we don’t take card payments.

Other Mousa Trips

Besides the Storm Petrel Dusk Trips, we operate scheduled day-time crossings for an Island Trip, as well as short cruises around the local waters of the island during the summer months. These trips, lasting approximately one hour give the visitor an opportunity to experience the nature and history of the area, as well as splendid views of the famous broch. A cruise may be of interest to less able visitors as well as those who simply want to enjoy a relaxing and informative excursion. For announcement of the cruises please check our Sailing Information Updates near the top of the page.